Traditional Siddi

The Siddi community is also known by different synonyms such as Habshi and Badsha. It is believed that they are of African origin. The Siddi have folk tales and folk songs about their origin and migration. These folk songs are sung at the time of 'Dhamal dance (traditional folk dance) which is extremely popular in Saurashtra. Both males and females participate in rasda dance but the dhamal dance is performed exclusively by men only. They also use percussion musical instruments.

Folk Dance

Garba dance is famous in all parts of India is originally a popular folk Dance of Gujarat. In this folk dance, ladies place the pot known as Garba with the lamp on their heads and move in circular direction, singing at the same time measure by clapping their palms or snapping their fingers, to the accompaniment of folk instruments. Even in some villages of Gujarat, one would find tradition of a "Light" (Deevo-Kodiyun) in an earthen pot with the holes all around, placed in the center on a stool and colourful dressed ladies dance around it clapping their hands in beats and singing Mataji`s songs.

Archery Game

Archery is a sport for everyone. It is certainly a test of skill but one that is fun and suitable for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. So if you think you could line up next to Robin Hood and give him a run for his money try, either as a single group activity or as part of your group package.

Bird Watching

Bird-watching, the observation of live birds in their natural habitat, a popular pastime and scientific sport that developed almost entirely in the 20th century. In the 19th century almost all students of birds used guns and could identify an unfamiliar species only when its corpse was in their hands.

Advanture Park

In Our resort their are some adveture park also In this adveture park we give the roop walking , game zone , jungal walk and many more things to do for kinds.

Gamming Zone

Game Zone for kindes . in this game zone there are many diffrent game like basketball , bike riding etc..

Souvenir Shop

We also have souvenir shop for the buy some natural and best Quality cloth , Hand bag , printed t-shirs any many more products .

Bonfire with Friends or Family

There’s something special about illuminating the backyard with little lights, lighting a fire, and eating outdoors at night. The warmth and fun of sitting around the fire with good friends and sharing a cocktail is hard to beat! Especially while having a bonfire party.

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